Workshops & Concerts: all about improvisation

at 1313 Hollis Street, Halifax

Led by Creative Director Jerry Granelli and 1313 Music Association’s President Tim Crofts, the goal is to provide space and opportunity for a vital and sustainable musical and artistic community in Nova Scotia, to promote the importance of openness in all aspects of the creative process and to promote musical education that is rooted in the fundamental elements thereof.

In the past few years, the 1313 Music Association has presented the Creative Music Lab, the Creative Music Ensemble, the Facing the Future Concert Series, the Jazz Repertoire Class, Sound+Motion: The Creative Process and most recently the Heart of Improvisation Concert and Workshop Series.

Upcoming Workshops

4, 5 January 2020

CMW Faculty Concert and Open House! 
Sunday, February 2nd
1313 Hollis Street
6-9 pm
From 6:00-7:00 pm we’ll be hosting an informal open house. It’s a chance for anyone curious about CMW to chat with our faculty and for CMW alumni to re-connect with instructors and catch up with fellow students. People of all ages, artistic disciplines and skill levels are welcome at CMW. And if you just want to come down for a chat, a snack and a drink that’s great too.

At 7pm, the music begins. A CMW alumni set featuring John Shimeld (guitar), Laura Lee (percussion) and Justin Buckley (hammered dulcimer) will open the show, followed by a set featuring CMW instructors Jerry Granelli (drums), Doug Cameron (drums), Susanne Chui (dance artist), Ross Burns (guitar), Andrew MacKelvie (saxophones) and Nicholas Maclean (guitar/lap steel). Special guests to be announced!

Whether you’ve done the Creative Music Workshop before, or you’re just curious to find out more about it, or you just want to see some great live improvised music and dance – you’re not going to want to miss it!

2015 CMW Faculty Concert @ 1313 in Halifax featuring Michael Blake (sax), Jerry Granelli (drums), J. Granelli (bass)

Excerpts from CMW 2018:

Peggy Lee’s CMW String Ensemble featuring Phineas Lambert Stewart (violin), Kelvin Mansaray (violin), Joesie Palmer (violin) and Peggy Lee (cello).

Grass North Rocksteady @ 1313 featuring J. Granelli (bass), Michael Blake (saxophone), Ross Burns (guitar), Andrew Jackson (trombone), Matt Myer (keys), Paul Keddy (drums)

Jerry Granelli’s Dance Hall featuring Robben Ford (guitar) as well as Michael Blake (sax), J. Granelli (bass), Christian Kögel (guitar), as well as Paul St-Amand (trumpet), Chris Mitchell and James Shaw (saxophones).


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