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Since Jerry Granelli’s death in July of 2021 the 1313 Music Association continues the work of sustaining Jerry’s original mission. The goal is to provide space and opportunity for a vital and sustainable musical and artistic community in Nova Scotia, to promote the importance of openness in all aspects of the creative process and to promote musical education that is rooted in the fundamental elements thereof.

The 1313 Music Association is operated by a core group of Jerry’s long-time Halifax-based collaborators and students. In recent years 1313 has presented the Creative Music Labs, the Creative Music Ensemble, the Facing the Future Concert Series, the Jazz Repertoire Class, Sound+Motion: The Creative Process and the Heart of Improvisation Concert and Workshop Series.

Upcoming Workshops

Creative Music Workshop
Creative Process Drop-in Session
Sundays 7-8:30pm, Starting in September 2023 – Stay tuned for exact dates
St. Georges Round Church Hall (Enter off of Maitland St.)
By Donation

The Creative Music Workshop (CMW) is excited to once again hold their weekly Creative Process classes. After a successful string of sessions over the past 12 months, the CMW’s Halifax faculty is looking forward to another run in the fall of 2022, from September onward. These drop-in/drop out classes are open to musicians and artists of any discipline or skill level who are interested in expanding their creative abilities. Join CMW faculty members for meditation practice, listening and movement exercises, solo and group playing, and discussions on improvisation, creativity, musical and artistic approaches. These weekly drop-in classes are a great opportunity to elevate one’s artistic practice: a student of the Creative Process will be exposed to a whole new way to approach to creativity; they will improve their ability to improvise by overcoming fear and performance anxiety by refining the connection between mind and body.

The Creative Process class is based on the teachings of the late drummer and master teacher, Jerry Granelli. Granelli founded the workshop in 1996 and over 25 years his teachings have affected a plethora of musicians and artists. Over the past decade, Jerry had been training a new generation of educators to continue his style of teaching. These sessions are a way that the new educators can help keep his teaching alive.

The sessions are being held at the St. George’s Round Church Hall, entrance off of Maitland Street. The weekly Sunday night sessions tend to run from 7:00 to 8:30 pm and are by donation/PWYC. Attendees can bring instruments, though it isn’t at all required. Musicians, dancers, and artists of any discipline totally welcome.

Please email for info or updates, or to get on the mailing list for updates.

2015 CMW Faculty Concert @ 1313 in Halifax featuring Michael Blake (sax), Jerry Granelli (drums), J. Granelli (bass)

Excerpts from CMW 2018:

Peggy Lee’s CMW String Ensemble featuring Phineas Lambert Stewart (violin), Kelvin Mansaray (violin), Joesie Palmer (violin) and Peggy Lee (cello).

Grass North Rocksteady @ 1313 featuring J. Granelli (bass), Michael Blake (saxophone), Ross Burns (guitar), Andrew Jackson (trombone), Matt Myer (keys), Paul Keddy (drums)

Jerry Granelli’s Dance Hall featuring Robben Ford (guitar) as well as Michael Blake (sax), J. Granelli (bass), Christian Kögel (guitar), as well as Paul St-Amand (trumpet), Chris Mitchell and James Shaw (saxophones).


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